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GraLab Industrial Timers

Accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

Dependable electronic industrial timers and intervalometers from GraLab meet the demands of industrial applications with:

  • +/- 0.01% accuracy at one second
  • +/- 0.005% repeatability at one second
  • Durable construction that stands up to years of service
Contact a GraLab timing expert to discuss your exact requirements.

GraLab industrial timers are used in a variety of industrial applications ranging from centrifuge operation to solenoid switching.

Industrial timers can be used for single cycle switching or in tandem as a continuously recycling intervalometer. Key features include:

  • Independent, separately programmable memories to control on/off cycles
  • Time ranges from 0.1 second to 99 minutes
  • Ability to switch AC power through outlet and logic level compatible signal
  • Multiple audio settings available on Model 451 to match application needs